How long will it take for the delivery of my order/s?

The length of the delivery will depend on the day of your order.

For Go Salads Grocer orders: Grocer items usually takes 3-4 business days to be delivered!

For Go Salads and Ambassador's Vegan Ice Cream orders: All orders from the Go Salads and Ambassador's Vegan Ice Cream are only for next day delivery. If you order any item from the GROCER, your order will automatically be processed as a GROCER item (which will take usually 3-4 business days)


What if I just want to order Go Salads products and want a same day delivery?

You can call our delivery hotline number 0919-067-6600 to place your order! 


Is there a minimum delivery order?

Yes, we have a minimum delivery of Php 300.00 only :)


What are the shipping options?

Door to door delivery is available in selected areas!

You also have the option to pick-up your orders at the following branches: Go Salads Katipunan branch, Go Salads Ortigas Carpark Branch, Go Salads Uptown BGC branch and Go Salads Salamin Building Makati branch


What are my payment options?

You have 3 different payment options to choose from: Paymaya, Bank Transfer, and GCash!


How do I settle my payment via G-Cash?

via Mobile Number

GCash Details:         JR SEBASTIAN G.    0919-067-6600


via QR Code

Step 1. Tap on 'Pay QR' then tap 'Scan QR Code', or simply swipe left on the home page.

Step 2. Align your phone's camera over the cashier's GCash QR code to scan it. 

Wait for the next page to load.

Step 3. Input the amount you have purchased in the Payment screen and tap 'Next'.

Step 4. Select whether to pay with GCash or with GCredit. If you have an available QR Voucher, it will appear in the Discount row. To use a voucher, select the arrow in the Discount row. Double check all details then select Pay to confirm.

Step 5. You will see your in-app receipt on the screen. An optional feature is the download button on the upper right hand side, which allows the receipt to be saved as a photo in your phone's gallery. A pop-up message will confirm if you were able to successfully screenshot the receipt.

Step 6. An SMS from 2882 will be sent to both the customer and merchant, serving as their SMS receipt.


For other concerns, inquiries or if you need assistance with your order, kindly email us at gsgrocer@gosalads.ph