Ambassador’s Vegan Ice Cream was inspired by Sunday family lunches of a retired Ambassador. After lunch, his grandchildren would go on a quest to find the friendliest dessert possible for his very sensitive and limited palette. The dessert had to be lactose free, low in glycemic index and ideally soft. There were times when they would find something he could eat, and other times where they could not. It became clear to them that their grandfather was part of an underserved market of people who were left out of the happiness-inducing experience of sharing dessert with loved ones. Thus, began the brainchild to conceptualize a dessert shop that would not only cater to people like their grandfather, but which would serve a wider market who would benefit from such a dessert as well. The product had to be creative, delicious and easily available. After months of testing, Ambassador’s Ice Cream flavors were completed, and ready to be served in the country’s first all-vegan ice cream shop.