Gonzales Family Staple

Go! Salads was inspired from serving the guests of the Gonzales family household. It is a staple that there is always salad on the Gonzales table at mealtimes. Whenever guests joined them to eat, they are always amused by how healthy they feel having salad in their diet. By their reactions, it occurred to J.R. Gonzales that not a lot of Filipinos have salads in their own homes. It seemed therefore like there was a need for salad or a need to be and feel healthy. This gave J.R. an idea. 

Farm to Table

The Gonzales’ have their own farm that produce organically grown greens and other vegetables. J.R. decided to experiment with different dressings and toppings and come up with recipes for salads to sell using the family’s farm produce. He started out by selling from the house to friends, neighbors and referrals. When the orders took off placed by frequent and regular customers, he it took as affirmation that salads and healthy eating was a sure need by the market. J.R. decided to conceptualize a “To-Go” Salad joint. In April 2013, Go! Salads first opened its branch in Katipunan.